Fields of Specialization


Music Dictation / Sheet Music Creation

Professional, clean and precise - make the best out of your sheet music!

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When you need a sheet music that's accurate and easy to read, just send us the URL/MP3 file of the music. We specialize in creating lead sheets/part/score. There are many different ways to transcribe music into a sheet music: from simple lead sheet to detailed score. Depending on your requirements, we can customize it any way you desire.

When it comes to writing sheet music for Japanese songs, we can include Japanese lyrics in Japanese characters, as well as its phonics in alphabet - this way, your singer can recognize and be more accurate in pronouncing it - in other words, your singer will be singing more accurately with confidence than when mimicing it only by ear.


Solo (Improv) Writing

Jazz, rock, pop... we're on it!

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We often come across situations where musicians struggle with improvisation - which is totally understandable. Improvisation, whichi is an interdisciplinary approach to music, takes a vast amount of time, energy and effort to master to say the least. When you are facing trouble coming up with your own solo, you might as well let someone else with knowledge and experience temporarily write one for you - and one day soon, you will be able to make one on your own.

Just send us the URL/MP3 or the chord progression on which you want to take solo, and we will create a solo that fits just right to the music.



We are bringing your music to the next level!! 

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What do you do when you want to make your music more inspiring and inpactful? One effective way is to have a "horn section" or "string section" in it.

We are well experienced in this field. Just send us the URL/MP3 file, tell us how you want your music to sound, and then we will develop a perfect solution to it.

Also, when you want to alter your music into special arrangements such as "sax quartet" and "duo-arrangement", just let us know. We are confident that you will be satisfied with the work we do.

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